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Need some help to get more from your money? Getting to grips with your finances won’t fix everything but it’ll certainly make life feel a lot better. thinkmoney aims to empower you to make savvy financial choices.

Socially responsible investing explained

Watch an animated guide to socially responsible investing. You don't have to choose between your values and making money

Introducing member tax credits

Mystified by MTC? Watch an animated guide to member tax credits to find out how to get free money in your KiwiSaver account

KiwiSaver gets a mini make-over

New contribution rates and updates to KiwiSaver will make it easier for Kiwis saving for their first home or retirement to achieve their goals a little bit faster.

Is it time to declutter your finances?

Do your finances need decluttering? Don't know where to begin? Follow our recommendations to get on top of your budget and learn how to spark joy with your finances.

Got the market wobbles?

Seen some media reports recently about the global share markets falling? Wondering what it all means and why it's affected your KiwiSaver balance? We break it down for you.

Spendthrift or Scrooge?

Can a lifelong spender find a middle ground between being a spendthrift and a Scrooge?

A Savvy Guide to Surviving Christmas

Christmas can be difficult to manage if finances are stretched, or the budget is tight. With a little planning, and a whole heap of savvy, here's our guide to surviving Christmas with your budget - and sanity - intact!

Checklist: How to get financially prepared

Been playing ostrich with your finances for too long? Time to take your head out of the sand and get your finances under control! Use this handy checklist to help get you started.